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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) across the globe are being challenged by new market paradigms that correlate valuation to innovation and service agility.

Unfortunately, innovation isn’t always easy to deliver and certainly not with aggressive time parameters. Real barriers, including regulation, competing priorities and a scarcity of appropriate talent often get in the way.

That’s why we created Kandy, to provide CSPs with alternative development and deployment choices that push those barriers aside and enable rapid service creation. Kandy is designed to help CSPs conceive, build and deliver innovative solutions, faster, every day.

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What is Kandy?

what is kandy

The Kandy Real Time
Communications Platform

Kandy is a global communications platform that enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SI) to rapidly embed real time communications into their applications.

why do you need kandy

Why do you
need Kandy?


A Reliable Foundation to Build your Future

Kandy Platform Solutions enable Communication Service Providers (CSP) to extend the reach of their communications services into any device, on any network, and swiftly add real time communications into any application.


What can Kandy do for you?


Taking CSP Services to the Next Level


Bolt On

Taking CSP Services to the Next Level

public cloud diagram


Connect to the Kandy public cloud using SIP trunks and other easy APIs for billing, provisioning, analytics, etc.

The Kandy platform runs on carrier grade, redundant, high-reliability datacenters all over the world.

The Kandy team maintains every aspect of the network so your team can focus on delivering great user experiences. Application enable your network in weeks.

hybrid cloud diagram


Deploy the Kandy Link gateway in your network to keep media and data local for a tighter service control and regulatory compliance.

Offer WebRTC clients and REST APIs from your own core.

Connect to the Kandy Public Cloud for value added services such as wrappers, SIP trunk as a service and business and consumer solutions.

private cloud diagram


Deploy the Kandy white label platform in a private cloud using OpenStack and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

You provide the infrastructure and manage the virtual environment, we deploy and configure the Kandy elements.

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Build Upon

Build Upon our APIs and SDKs

Kandy Platform Solutions provide everything your team needs to deliver immersive experiences. REST APIs make it easy for web developers to be productive, without any knowledge of SIP or other complicated telecom protocols. Rich SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript accelerate time to market.

Build Upon our Kandy Wrappers

REST API diagram
  • No WebRTC knowledge required – we got that covered
  • Plug-ins/Modules for Laravel, Drupal, Wordpress and Salesforce simplify integration
  • iOS and Android reference applications and PhoneGap plugins
  • Mobile SDKs preserve battery life and provide optimal performance on unreliable networks
  • REST APIs deliver full control from your preferred developer platform
  • HTTPS delivers secure, end-to-end, encryption
  • An abundance of supporting materials:
    • Tutorials for SDK installation, user registration, session
      initiation, etc.
    • Code samples that you can use in your own project and try
      live on CodePen
    • Support tools like the Kandy Phone Widget and Kandy
    • Developer support from a rich set of FAQs and a dedicated
      support staff
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Kandy Wrappers are revenue-ready, pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be used standalone or inserted into a website or application to endow it with embedded, real-time communications capabilities. Kandy Wrappers enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises to accelerate their time to market while significantly reducing their implementation effort and costs.

Business Phone

A second line for  mobile phones that separates work from your personal life, with configurable business hours, visual voicemail, auto-attendant, and mini-CRM features.

Live Support

Integrate a support button into a website to provide chat, voice and video communication to a service agent. Build a custom directory that makes it easy for customers or staff  to choose the right agent, every time.

Truck Roll

Everything you would expect from a truck roll, but without the truck. Let your customers share their mobile camera with an agent to see what they see or allow field workers to access a remote subject matter expert.


A VIP e-commerce experience that guides visitors to the checkout and a VIP customer service that reduces support costs. Integrated with point-of-sale services to allow small and medium business to convert web visits into sales.

Secure – Two Factor Authentication

An easy–to-use SDK to add an extra layer of security to any application. Send a security code via SMS, IVR call or even a flash call that doesn’t cost you a dime and carries the code in the last digits of the caller ID.

Visual Attendant

Integrate a visual menu into a website to allow visitors to call the right person over a WebRTC voice call. No more listening to an IVR menu, just look at the available choices and get connected immediately.

Overlay Wrappers on Your Existing Services

No matter how powerful the tools, developing new applications takes focus and imagination. Sometimes other priorities get in the way.  That is why we designed Kandy Wrappers, an easy way to accelerate innovation and create value on top of existing SIP trunks, data and TDM services. Web-based clients and agent consoles make it easy for customers to subscribe to new services without having to invest in new infrastructure or devices. Wrappers overlay on to existing end-user equipment and networks.

CSP network kandy wrappers diagram

Bring Together

Bring Together with Omni Technology

As communications move from being phone-based to client-based, the cost of managing and upgrading the client applications becomes more impactful.  New features and bug fixes require frequent upgrades. And every time there is an upgrade there is a chance for something to go wrong, generating a helpdesk request. If the upgrade requires a few steps,  many users will ignore the upgrade and only to be surprised when their client stops working or becomes problematic.

Kandy’s Omni Technology can help, Omni delivers a client framework that provides access to the device resources (camera, microphone, rings and alerts, notifications, window management, call recording, metrics, etc.) by means of a JavaScript based API. These are combined with HTML services to create dynamic user interfaces that don’t require a client upgrade to change. Lastly, WebRTC-based media assures secure, firewall-friendly, conversations.

omni technology diagram

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