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Support your customers directly from your website
Rich Messaging Chat | Screen Sharing | Web and Mobile | Easy to Deploy | Businesses of All Sizes | WebRTC Enabled

By activating the button, users can select from an intuitive menu tree to contact the right sales or support agent at the first attempt and interact with them using text chat, voice or video.

The Live support window shows them their position in the queue (if all the relevant agents are busy)

Once the session is established both users and agents can even share images or videos or use screen sharing for a faster resolution of questions and issues.

“88% of American Express users that use their video based customer support get first call resolution”

Source: AMEX Keynote at Enterprise Connect 2015


Innova-ITC accelerates enterprise digital transformation with Kandy Live Support
Atlas improves customer service with Kandy Live Support & Visual Attendant

Digital Cognitive Agent

Reintroducing the Human Factor into Automated Customer Service

The optional Digital Cognitive Agent combines the superior customer service capabilities of Live Support with automated chat bots and IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence to reintroduce the human factor into the user experience. It helps you contain the costs of customer support by automatically handling routine user questions and seamlessly escalating to a live agent when interaction becomes more complex or user’s mood starts to change.

“50% of millennials prefer to use chat instead of voice for simple tasks but 75% prefer to talk live for more complex interactions”

for your agents

Simple Web and Tablet Application for Your Agents.

Live Support allows customer support agents to log into their account using a web portal or a tablet application. From there they can manage multiple chat conversations simultaneously or one voice/video call at a time.

"82% of consumers say they will stop doing business with a company due to bad customer service."