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CUSTomeR Support JUST WENT Live…Live Support


Kandy Live Support is a cloud-based support solution that can supplement or replace traditional call centers, giving users the ability to “show” an agent their problem instead of having to explain it. Since Live Support is a Cloud service there’s no software to buy, install or manage. Users can instantly access it from the web or their mobile phone. They can start with a chat session (or chat bot) and seamlessly escalate to a multi-media experience. It sounds simple, because it is.

Live Support gives customer service teams modern tools like video and screen share to resolve more issues remotely, minimizing the need to dispatch technicians on-site.  Agents can also share content such as web links, images, videos, etc. to educate customers on issues or to provide instructions. It delivers faster problem resolutions and happier customers.  Save money and drive repeat business.

 Kandy Live Support uses the Kandy Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution and the latest WebRTC technology to make it easy for organizations to get started. Agents just log on from a web browser to join their team. Users access from a web page or social media site. Easily escalate from a chat session to a call or video call (1-way or 2-way).   Users can turn on their mobile camera to show customer support representatives exactly what is broken or the symptoms of an issue.

Organizations with traditional voice-only call centers can add Live Support to deliver multi-media services.  Live Support’s Customer Connect feature enables agents to push a web link or text link (SMS) to a customer that’s already on the phone. This keeps the caller on the phone and provides access to screen share, content sharing and video.

The Cost of a Truck Roll


$150/hour average cost of an on-site technician. Up to $1000 when you factor vehicle costs, labor and downtime!


30 min to reach site +
15 min to get started +
15 minutes to complete paperwork =
60 un-billable minutes per truck roll (downtime average)


Skilled technicians are an expensive resource focused on a single
customer at a time

Do The Math

(service calls/month) x (cost per truck roll) = ______ cost/month
(service calls/month) x (average travel time + transition time) = ______ hours of lost productivity


  • On-Site Technician Video Calls Remote Subject Matter
    Expert (SME)
  • SME Can See Through Technician’s Camera to Provide A Higher Level of Support
  • SME Can Be Off-Shore or at a Centrally Located Call Center
  • Prevents a Second Visit
  • Optionally Add an Artificial Intelligence-based IVR to Authenticate the Techs and Route Calls to the Proper SME


  • Customer Starts Engagement from Website or Social Media
  • Customer Engages with Digital Cognitive Agent (Chatbot) - optional service
  • Chatbot Authenticates User and Attempts to Resolve Issue
  • Customer Can Seamlessly Escalate To A Live Agent
  • Agent Makes A Video Call To Customer
  • Agent Can See Through Customer’s Camera to Provide Support Instead of Sending A Technician
  • Agent Can Be Off-Shore or at a Centrally
    Located Call Center

Avoiding an On-Site Visit Keeps Money in Your Pocket!

There’s a Bot For That

Live Support offers Digital Cognitive Agent options to deliver cost-effective Artificial Intelligence (AI) services without sacrificing a rich support experience. Start a conversation 24/7 with an IBM Watson powered chatbot to manage routine questions and issues. Instantly escalate to an expert if more engagement is required – the Live Support agent sees the conversation history, so customers don’t have to start over. Use Live Support’s natural language processing to help customer’s route their calls to the right department or team. Deliver better service with fewer agents and fewer on-site visits.


Supporting Your Technician

One of your technicians is at a customer location. The customer needs to have their Internet service restored. The technician is having difficulties fixing the customer's Internet access issue and wants to avoid the expense of a second technician visit the next day.
technician support call
On site technician clicks on a link to reach a more skilled technical support agent
tech support call
Agent communicates with the technician via WebRTC video and content sharing
technician video call support
Technician is guided through the restoration of Internet service with the Live Support Agent who can see what the technician is seeing and
send tutorials and self-help videos
csp technician fixes problem
Internet access is restored. Customer is happy with their on-site technician experience – no need to be present for a second visit.  The expense and inconvenience of second technician visit is avoided!
Reduce the Number of Second Technician Visits



A customer’s TV service is not working properly after purchasing a new TV. The customer uses the Contact Us button on your website or the Tech Support link on your Facebook page.  
Customer Support
Customer clicks on a link to reach a technical support agent
Customer support call
Live Support’s Digital Cognitive Agent gets key details on the problem including the customer’s account information and the make of the new TV. DCA tries to solve the problem by stepping the customer through basic troubleshooting.
video customer support
Customer is guided through the installation of the new equipment via video with the agent who can see what the user is seeing and send tutorials and self-help videos
mobile customer support
Installation is complete, customer is happy, and you just saved a Truck Roll!
Fewer Truck Rolls and Service Cancellations Due to User Frustration


Intuitive Management of Incoming Requests
  • Simple UI for web browser (no software to load or maintain)
  • Can work in concert with legacy call center
  • Supports simultaneous chat sessions with multiple customers
  • Includes chat history if a Digital Cognitive Agent (chatbot) started the conversation
  • Chat History: All Transcripts recorded and stored. All Transcripts available for email
  • Supports traditional inbound and outbound calling
  • Localization and time of day controls

Easy to Use

Embed in field service applications, add a link on a web site/ social media or push a link to a customer (via email/SMS) to start Live Support session

Mobile Video

Users can share their mobile device’s camera to show an agent what they see. Stop explaining and start solving the real problem

Content Push & Screen Share

Users and agents can share screens, images, videos and documents to speed up issue resolution

Chat Bots & AI

Live Support’s Digital Cognitive Agent can reduce live agent case load by resolving common issues (password reset, connectivity issues etc.)

Easy  to Deploy

No software to deploy or manage.  A web-based portal defines the menu trees, agent workflows, reports and creates HTML code for “Contact Us” buttons

For Everyone

Use Live Support as a stand-alone contact center for SMBs or departments.  Add as a multi-media enhancement to large call centers