the technical support solution that saves you money


Reduce Resolution Times and Actual Truck Rolls!
Kandy Truck Roll provides a mobile based customer and field support experience that allows users to show  instead of tell and accelerates issue resolution.

Truck Roll enables your customer service department to resolve more issues remotely, minimizing the number of on-site technicians dispatched.
Kandy Truck Roll uses the Kandy Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to combine real time communications into a mobile solution (on Android and iOS) that allows users to share their mobile camera AND shows your customer support representatives exactly what the issue is.

Your reps can use this valuable information to identify the root of the issue and provide users with instructions, videos or manuals that will help them fix it by themselves.

The Cost of Customer Truck Rolls


$150/hour average cost of an on-site technician.  Up to $1000 when you factor vehicle costs, labor and downtime!


30 min to reach site +
15 min to get started +
15 minutes to complete paperwork =
60 un-billable minutes per truck roll (downtime average)


Skilled technicians are an expensive resource focused on a single
customer at a time

Do The Math

(service calls/month) x (cost per truck roll) = ______ cost/month
(service calls/month) x (average travel time + transition time) = ______ hours of lost productivity


  • On site technician video calls  remote subject matter
    expert (SME)
  • SME can see through technician’s camera to provide higher level of support
  • SME can be off-shore or at a centrally located call center
  • Prevents additional truck roll for second visit


  • Customer video calls remote expert
  • Remote expert can see through customer’s camera to provide support instead of on-site technician
  • Remote expert can be off-shore or at a centrally
    located call center
  • Prevents truck roll for on-site technician visit

Avoiding an On-Site Visit Is Money in the Pocket!


Supporting Your Technician

One of your technicians is at a customer location. The customer needs to have their internet service restored. The technician
is having difficulties fixing the customer's internet access issue and wants to avoid calling in a second, more skilled (and expensive) technician for another visit on
the next day.
technician support call
On site technician clicks on a link to reach a more skilled technical support agent
tech support call
Agent communicates with the technician via WebRTC video and content sharing
technician video call support
Technician is guided through the restoration of internet service with the live agent who can see what the technician is seeing and
send tutorials and self-help videos
csp technician fixes problem
Internet access is restored. Customer is happy, on site CSP technician fixes it in
customer eye and second technician visit on another day is avoided!
Reduce the Number of Second Technician Visits



A millennial customer who is head of household has purchased your TV service, however on this day - the TV service is not working properly. The customer calls in to your support center using WebRTC after receiving an updated self-installation package and requires help in completing installation.
Customer Support
Customer clicks on a link to reach a technical support agent
Customer support call
Agent communicates with the customer via WebRTC video and content sharing
video customer support
Customer is guided through the installation of the equipment via video with the agent who can see what
the user is seeing and send tutorials and self-help videos
mobile customer support
Installation is complete and customer is happy and you have saved a truck roll!
Fewer Truck Rolls and Service Cancellations Due to User Frustration


Add Real Time Communications To Your Apps In Minutes With Kandy Wrappers


Truck Roll
Agent Console

Intuitive Management of Incoming Requests
  • Simple UI for web browser or tablet (iOS & Android)
  • Multiple simultaneous customers for chat
  • Chat History: All Transcripts recorded and stored. All Transcripts available for email
  • Localization and time of day controls

Easy to Use

Embed in field service applications or send link to customer (email/SMS) to start Truck Roll and connect to a remote technician

Mobile Video

Users can share their mobile device camera to show agents what they see, instead of telling, for better understanding of the issue

Content Push

Users and support representatives can share images, videos and instructions documents to speed up issue resolution

Screen Share

Support experts can remotely assist users in real-time by activating screen sharing directly within the Truck Roll window

Easy  to Deploy

Back end portal to define the menu trees, manage agents and departments

For Everyone

Micro businesses, SMBs, Enterprises and Large Contact Centers can benefit from Truck Roll as an overlay or fully Integrated